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Product ReworkProduct Rework

Often manufacturers, suppliers or distributors are faced with the daunting task of ‘re-modelling’ their products into different configurations to satisfy their clients’ needs, resulting in a change of product codes. A good example is breaking open supplier packs of 6 units and repacking into packs of 4 or even 12 units. More than likely, new individual, inner pack and outer pack barcodes need to be printed and applied.

A variety of packaging materials, new and used cartons and a range of poly bags can be provided.

ezi-Pac can take over that daunting task. We will resize, repack, supply, print and apply any new barcodes and/or carton labels, quality check, shrink wrap if necessary, palletise and distribute stock as per your instructions.

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On-Line Order Fulfilment (National & International)On-Line Order Fulfilment

Over the past 20 years, ‘outsourcing’ and ‘3PL’ have become well-known terms. The Pick Pack function was one of the first to be embraced by it. It allowed companies to concentrate on their core business of product development/selling whilst engaging a third party to organise the on-line fulfilment process of receiving, storing, stock control, order picking and despatch to the end customer.

The typical fulfilment type is of small, high volume, often loose carton product requiring despatch to a large customer base. Track and trace for each shipment is optional for all despatched stock.

At ezi-Pac we have made it our business to provide organisations with these services, efficiently and on-time.

One of the benefits that organisations employing this type of outsourcing service is the elimination of the need to dedicate areas in their warehousing for ‘non-core’ processing.

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Sewing and Heat Sealing for ApparelSewing and Heat Sealing for Apparel

Conforming to government regulations and safety requirements is critical when it comes to garment labelling. With a team of experienced specialists we are able to remove old labels and sew and heat seal new garment labels as required.

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Specialised Gift Packing Specialised Gift Packing

Easing the impact on operations because of seasonal demand shifts is often a problem for companies of all sizes.

Over the years, ezi-Pac has specialised in being able to draw together a large crew of dedicated workers for a ‘contract-sized’ period of time to enable companies to meet those unforgiving deadlines including The Royal Melbourne and Sydney Shows, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Days, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Chinese New Year etc.

ezi-Pac will organise and sort your stock into required configurations. To do so we assemble, construct and finish off into visually appealing and marketable gift packs, and despatch to destinations as per your time sensitive requirements.

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Assembly & Distribution of Point of Sale Materials throughout AustraliaAssembly & Distribution of Point of Sale Materials throughout Australia

It is our experience that requirements for POS distribution and mail outs can be methodically scheduled or can happen at any time and with little notice.

Let ezi-Pac help you by receiving, storing, sorting, labelling, packing and distributing your promotional materials. This could include product launch or POS advertising, shareholder annual reports, prospectuses etc. etc. The list goes on and on as does our service. If need be – all distributed and mailed items can be tracked and traced.

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Barcode Supply, Printing and LabellingBarcode Supply, Printing and Labelling

Barcodes were designed to assist with easy recognition of a myriad of products. ezi-Pac can supply, print and attach a range of standard barcode labels to your product.

As far as standard product identification labels are concerned, we are able to include company logos onto a range of brightly coloured labels in a wide variety of sizes.

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Container Destuffing and Restuffing

Container Destuffing and RestuffingThe disruption of container unloading and loading, not to mention the space requirements associated with this, is almost unavoidable in facilitating the import/export process.

By definition, the destuffing process entails receipting of imported 20 or 40 FCL containers for unloading, sorting, palletising and matching with packing lists. Conversely, restuffing requires the loading of your stock into FCL containers for despatch to their overseas destinations.

Once again, ezi-Pac is able to handle this service at our warehouse.

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Show &/or Conference Bags – Kitting and Hand AssemblyShow &/or Conference Bags - Kitting and Hand Assembly

The increasing need for kitting and hand assembly services is fast becoming apparent. It essentially involves merging multiple components into one pack, bag, folder, binder etc. Although a highly time-consuming activity, ezi-Pac has, over time, been able to gather a number of fast working, experienced assembly line teams which will respond to your requirements in an accurate and timely manner. You give us your deadline and we’ll meet it.

Examples of assembly kits include:

  • Trade show, events and conference satchels/packs
  • Employee induction/welcome kits
  • Investor relations packs
  • Product and training manuals
  • Press release kits
  • Show bags

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Storage – Short and Long TermStorage - Short and Long Term

Whatever the reason for your need for short or long term storage, ezi-Pac can help you out by providing a secure, palletised racking facility for as long as you need.

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Shrink Wrapping

Shrink WrappingIn many instances, products need protection from moisture, damage or even contamination.

Shrink wrapping provides the cost effective sealing solution. ezi-Pac will shrink wrap multiple single units within small or large bulk orders.

Often clients request us to shrink wrap multiple products into one so they can clear slow moving stock or to gain a marketing edge.

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Third Party Logistics (3PL)

ezi-Pac can supply the entire, or part of the 3PL function, namely:

  • Receival, sorting, palletising & labelling of Stock
  • Warehousing, storage and stock control
  • Fulfilment of orders
  • Organising despatch and/or transport with an option of track and trace

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Quality Checking

The needs for Quality Checking are vast and varied. Some reasons for checking include the need to identify:-

  • Inconsistent quality,
  • Substandard presentation,
  • Incorrect pricing & labelling,
  • Looming use-by dates.
  • etc. etc.

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